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Electricity is provided by Tennessee Valley Authority. Volunteer Energy Cooperative is the local distributor. Current rates can be obtained by contacting VEC or visiting The local VEC office is located at 1023 Old Hwy 127 South in Jamestown 931-879-5853.


Gas is provided by East Tennessee Natural Gas and distributed locally by Jamestown Natural Gas. There is one fuel oil supplier and 3 suppliers of LP Gas in Fentress County. Current Rates for natural gas can be obtained by contacting the City of Jamestown at 314 Central Avenue East, Jamestown 931-879-7560.

Water is also supplied by the City of Jamestown. Current rates can be obtained by calling 931-879-7560. The source of water is a city lake, and capacity is 3,000,000 MGC. Current consumption is 2,000,000 MGD. There is a storage capacity of 2,500,000 gallons.

The City of Allardt provides water for Allardt residents. Contact them at 2015 Michigan Avenue in Allardt or 931-879-7125 for rates or hookup fees.

The Fentress County Utility District also provides water to some residents. Contact them at 1026 Taylor Place Road in Jamestown or at 931-879-7639.

Sewer is provided by the City of Jamestown. Current rates can be obtained by calling 931-879-8815. Activated sludge treatment is used, and capacity is 1, 000,000 MGD. Current useage is 400,000 MGD, and city sewer cove is 85%. There is solid waste disposal.

Cable or Satellite are available through Comcast Cable or Dish Network.

Telephone and Internet Services are available through Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative. Contact them at 202 Rugby Avenue, Jamestown or 931-879-5811.

Newspaper & Media
Fentress Courier is the newspaper serving our county. Subscriptions information can be obtained by calling 931-879-4040.

Two local radio stations serve the county. WCLC Christian Radio 105.1 FM and WDEB Radio 103.9 FM.